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How to decorate your party with balloons

Balloons are definitely must have decorations item when it comes to birthday parties, weddings, baby showers and even wedding proposal! But do you know that there are many ways to decorate with balloons apart from just buying a few and place them on two sides of the table? As a balloon supplier, everyday is a challenge. Let’s take a look at some of the ideas


Package with Unicorn 5 Balloons and Cake Balloon

Pairing normal balloons with foil balloons to form a ballon theme

2 Tier Balloon Table Stand Design with 2 Balloon within Balloon

Create a table top balloon decoration. Add a pair of helium balloons to enhance the height so that place the table top on the floor. I have clients who ordered a dozen of this and place them on each of the party tables. Trust me, the kids were more focused on the balloons rather than the food

Place balloon towers instead! Get two to place on each side of the tables. I once had a wedding couple who orderd 8 pairs and place them to form a red carpet walk through. The ideas are unlimited!

Latex Balloon Hearts with Flowers Banner

One of the hottest decorations right now. Create shapes with organic balloons.

7 Balloons Rainbow Theme

Get a rainbow theme! Why limit your party to two or three colors while you can mix in more colors instead. This is definitely perfect for children’s party. Kids will definitely drool upon seeing these rainbow balloons!


Believe me, the ideas are endless. But i’m sure that balloons will definitely spice up the party. Create smiles to not only kids but to a people of all ages. So let’s get your creative juices running and start planning for an awesome party today!